Maintenance and Repair

Minor damage now can cause major problems later. Cracks and loose stones in your front steps, driveway, walkway, and patio aren’t just an eyesore. They can expand and become hazardous to you and your home.

We’ve put together a specialized team of seasoned craftspeople to help you keep your property in pristine condition. Now performing hardscape maintenance and repair services, we can make the fix before it becomes dangerous and impacts the value of your home.

We offer maintenance or repair services for the following:

Loose or shifted pavers


Edge replacement


Replacing materials

Cracked mortar joints

Cracked stone and brick

Loose stones and steps

Damage from burrowing pests

Poor installation

These are just a handful of maintenance services that Hirsch Brick and Stone provides. Want something done that’s not on the list? Inquire by filling out the form below.

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