Trust In Us To Succeed

We pride ourselves on effective communication with landscape associates, providing a deep understanding of design intent, customer coordination, and materials selection. Furthermore, our flexibility and customer service enable us to meet all design and construction timelines ensuring that you exceed the expectations of your customers.

Fostering Lasting Relationships

Fostering lasting relationships within the landscape industry has always been a priority for Hirsch Brick and has given us a deep understanding of the unique requirements of a masonry sub-contractor to designers and Landscape Architects. Our experience provides value beginning with the design phase. We assist with material selection and construction techniques that enable you to meet your client’s budget while maintaining your design intent. We follow up quality workmanship and materials, ensuring that your clients' experience reflects your professionalism.

A Reliable Partner

We take our status as a reliable partner within the landscape community very seriously. This begins in the design and budget phase of a project, working with your team to develop materials and scope that provides value to the client and meets the design intent. Our customer service ensures that communication is constant, issues are quickly resolved, and deadlines are met. Our coordination through the entire design and construction process significantly reduces surprises and change orders. Once a project is complete, we quickly follow up on any warranty issues, protecting both of our reputations.

Experience That Makes A Difference

Our sales team has a cumulative 85 years of experience in hardscape construction, and our masonry foremen have an average of ten years experience supervising masonry construction. Some of the biggest landscape firms in the country have counted on us to fulfill the hardscape aspects of their landscaping designs. No request goes unanswered under our watch. Hirsch Brick and Stone believes in establishing trusting relationships, built upon the belief that the integrity of the job is what is most important. We are exactly who you’ve been looking for.